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What's a E-mail list you ask?
An e-mail list is a convenient way for a group of people sharing common interests to communicate via e-mail. It is a forum for interaction, discussion and sharing information of all kinds.

How does an e-mail list work?
E-mail lists simply allow you to send a single e-mail to a single address and have that message automatically redistributed to all the members on the list.

Why would I want to subscribe to an e-mail list?
The reasons for participating in e-mail lists are infinite, including wanting to receive information, enter a discussion forum on a topic of interest to you, participate in a support group etc.

What software do I need to participate?
Since most e-mail lists are based on sending and receiving e-mail, you will need an application in which you can read and compose e-mail. However, since Topica allows you to read and create messages on the web, all you need is a web browser to participate with Google Group.

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