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Challenge On The River

April 16, 17, 18, 2004

Grab the flyer!Grab the flyer!!!!
Winners list posted

Double Tree River Front Hotel
50 Warren St..
Lowell, MA 01852
For Reservations: Call (978) 452-1200
Grab the flyer! Directions to the hotel here

Important Room Rates!
Reserve your room early for the best rate!

Bullseye Rate
Outer Bull Rate $79.00 MARCH 12 TO 16, 2004
Missed the Bull Hotel Rate AFTER MARCH 16, 2004

You must request the darter rate for the rate to apply to your bill.

Draw Doubles
1st Place Dave Saba / David Dozois
2nd Place Charles Temple / Ray Carver
3rd / 4th David Baskette / Jim Porter
  Chris MacGilvray / Doug Neff
Top 8 Elbi Alba / Jason Ferreira
  Chuck Brousseau / Tom Sawyer
  Mark McLaughlin / Bob Given
  Mike Magrath / Jim Tompkins
Top 16 Pete Morrison / Dana Aucoin
  Gene Watson / Tom Curtin
  Bill McPhillips / Carol Fortier
  Ed Kelley / Henry Dozois
  Paola Crowell / Gerome Vardaro
  Carol Rawson / Tom Sauci
  Joe Pavlowich / Brian Richardson
  Stacey Spink / Kevin Doyle

Mixed Pairs 501
1st Place Bob Given / Carol Rawson
2nd Place Artie Mele / Lesley Joseph
3rd / 4th Ron Noel / Gail Payne
  Becky Look / John Keogh
Top 8 Marc Grant / Rachel Imrie
  Mark Goodwin / Carolyn Mars
  Randy / Christine Guy
  Bucky / Sharon Tam
Top 16 Randy Sutton / Cheryl Davis
  Tom Sawyer / Tina DeLima
  Donna Lemieux / Chuck Brousseau
  Lynne Keough / Kevin Greer
  Jamie Hayes / Erica Stevens
  Tom Curtin / Christine Carlson
  Henry Dozois / Elaine Dozois
  Jim Cayer / Darlene Cayer

Ladies Singles 501
1st Place Christine Carlson
2nd Place Carol Rawson
3rd / 4th Sue Setsky
  Holly Carver
Top 8 Darlene Cayer
  Gayle Payne
  Tami Kelley
  Roxane Spellman
Top 16 Lorraine Cable
  Carol Welch
  Lesley Joseph
  Lisa Patterson
  Stacey Spink
  Lynn Janus
  Donna Lemieux
  Carolyn Mars

Men's Singles 501
1st Place Mark Cronin
2nd Place Tommy Curtin
3rd / 4th John Keogh
  Gerome Vardaro
Top 8 Dave Saba
  Avery Barry
  Ron Noel
  Ron Folger
Top 16 Ray Carver
  Bucky MacWilliams
  Sean Moran
  Mark Goodwin
  Fred Bigelow
  Jason Ferreira
  Gary Johnson
  Chuck Brousseau

Ladies Doubles
1st Place Carolyn Mars / Gail Payne
2nd Place Donna Lemieux / Lesley Joseph
3rd / 4th Holly Carver / Tina Delima
  Stacey Spinks / Elaine Dozois
Top 8 Tami Kelley / Sharon Morande
  Roxanne Spellman / Rachel Imrie
  Becky Look / Lynne Keough
  Karla Nelson / Carol Welch
Top 16 Cindy Bambaro / Carol Fortier
  Carol Rawson / Lisa Patterson
  Robin Gagnon / Crystal Anthony
  Michele Ouellette / Lorraine Cable
  Jennifer Lynch / Deb Clement
  Kelli Clifford / Erica Stevens
  Christine Guy / Donna Kelley
  Nicole Watson / Jackie Sleeper

Men's Doubles
1st Place Ray Carver / Tom Curtin
2nd Place Ron Noel / Bob Given
3rd / 4th Tom Sawyer / Bruce Robbins
  Marc Grant / Randy Guy
Top 8 Artie Mele / Sean Moran
  John Bullock / Matt Dalton
  Ron Folger / Brian Davis
  Mike Zachoday / Chuck Brousseau
Top 16 Mike Magrath / Larry Gallagher
  Kevin Horan / Don Shelley
  Tom O'Connor / John Rogers
  Avery Barry / Adam Sherlock
  Pete Morrison / Dave Saba
  Rick Kelley / Bucky MacWilliams
  Bill Parenteau / Jim Torrey
  Mark Ripley / Bob Levasseur

Ladies Cricket
1st Place Carolyn Mars
2nd Place Christine Carlson
3rd / 4th Gail Payne
  Holly Carver
Top 8 Suzanne Flannery
  Becky Look
  Lisa Patterson
  Sue Setsky
Top 16 Lorraine Cable
  Rachel Imrie
  Stacey Spink
  Lesley Joseph
  Peg Lennon
  Carol Rawson
  Donna Lemieux
  Joyce Bigelow

Men's Singles Cricket
1st Place Tom Curtin
2nd Place Ray Carver
3rd / 4th Bob Given
  Ron Noel
Top 8 Mike Zachodny
  Avery Barry
  Mark Goodwin
  Dave Saba
Top 16 Damion Donohoe
  Tom O'Connor
  Artie Mele
  Rich Bue
  Fred Krueger
  Gregg Tong
  Henry Dozois
  Wayne Dumont

Mixed Pairs Cricket
1st Place Ray Carver / Holly Carver
2nd Place Donna Lemieux / Tom Curtin
3rd / 4th Mark Goodwin / Carolyn Mars
  Bob Given / Carol Rawson
Top 8 Arte Mele / Lesley Joseph
  Gerome Vardaro / Deb Clement
  Ed Reynolds / Sheila Reynolds
  Sue Setsky / Fred Bigelow
Top 16 Tom O'Connor / Suzanne Flannery
  Gary Estabrook / Peg Lennon
  Eric Nielsen / Lorraine Cable
  Michael Zachodny / Christine Carlson
  Gary Johnson / Becky Look
  Dave Saba / Roxanne Spellman
  Henry Dozois / Rachel Imrie
  Ron Noel / Gail Payne

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