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Announcing Spring 2002 Dart Season

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The Minute Man Dart League will commence Match 1 of the Spring 2002 season the week of Feb. 04, 2002. The sponsorship fee for the season is $125.00 per team.

The places, dates and times listed below are where team Captains are to report in the geographic area in which the pub or club is located. The first meeting date is for Captains to bring the enclosed roster, COMPLETELY FILLED OUT, and a check made out to THE MINUTE MAN DART LEAGUE, INC. for $125.00. The second meeting date is to pick up Captains Kits which include schedules of play, match reports, rules, envelopes, etc. Any and all elections, if necessary, for Division Rep's and Area Directors will also take place at the second meeting.

NOTE TO ALL : NO players under the legal drinking age will be accepted for membership in the M.M.D.L. BE ADVISED! $25 will be charged to teams that do not have their check or money order at the 1st meeting.


Boston Area: 1st meeting Mon.. Jan. 7, 7:30 PM Elks Lodge, 326 Wash. St., Brighton 617-254-9651. 2nd meeting Wed. Jan. 30, same place & time. Plenty of parking in rear off Winship St. - Area Dir. Donald Garnett 617-734-7394. New Capt.'s orientation Wed. Jan. 30 at 6:30 PM

North Shore: 1st. meeting Wed. Jan. 2, 7:30 PM, Lafayette Club, 13 Broadway, Salem 744-9632. 2nd meeting Wed. Jan. 30, Lafayette Club 7:30 PM. Area Dir. Debbie Johnson 978-927-6369.

South Shore: 1st meeting Wed. Jan. 2, 7:30 PM, Dalton Post, Rte. 139, Holbrook, 781-767-1488. Second meeting Mon. Jan. 28, 7:30 PM, Same place & time. Area Dir. Melody Skillings 781-871-3209

Central Mass. 1st . meeting Mon. Jan. 7, 7:30 PM, Sportsmen's Lounge, 1105 Main St.(Rt. 109), Millis (508) 376-2640. 2nd meeting Tues. Jan. 29, same place & time. Area Dir. Steve Moll 508-473-9903. Luck Of The Draw to follow meeting. All Capt.'s MUST attend 1st meeting. New Capt.'s meeting after the main meeting.

The Board of Directors will meet on Feb. 21, at Waltham Moose, Waltham, 7:30 PM The purpose of this meeting will be to collect fees, hand in schedules of play for printing.


At the 1st. meeting Capt.'s are reminded that rosters will not be accepted if not fully filled out and accompanied by a check for $125.00 made out to the Minute Man Dart League, Inc. Take the time to gather all information before handing in your roster and check. A $25 charge for teams without their checks.

BE SURE your team can make the full season commitment. NO SHOW teams will be suspended for 1 year!

A Captain or Team Representative MUST pickup their Captains Kit & Schedule at the 2nd Captains Meeting or a 2 point penalty on the 1st Match will be imposed! There is a $15 charge for Lost Kits

Team Fees Are $125.00

Get a Roster here.

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