ALL LEAGUE COMPETITION, including tournaments and playoffs, shall be played on a standard English bristle board with a 20 point clock-face of the hand wired variety, that is, with the wires on the outside of the board separating the single, the double and the triple sections.
B) Dartboards shall be placed 5' 8" from the floor to the center of the bulls-eye with the 20 bed at the top center. The front edge of the toe line/oche (edge closest to the shooter) will be 7' 9¼" from the surface of the board. The diagonal measurement from the center of the bulls-eye to the toe line/oche shall be 9' 7&3/8". The toe line/oche shall be no longer than 36" or 18" to either side of center.
C) The Pub owner or Club will be responsible for supplying and maintaining the League play dartboard which must be acceptable to both the home and visiting teams.
D) The dartboard shall be firmly anchored and WELL ILLUMINATED.
E) The dartboard shall be positioned so that it is readily available to the players without distraction to the thrower.
F) A scoring surface must be provided and located in such a manner that it can be read by both players and spectators. The use of electronic scoreboards is NOT RECOMMENDED unless a written score is kept by the Captains or teammates at the same time the games are being played.
G) Any non-compliance with the above should be reported to your Area Director. The home team may lose up to 5 points if improper conditions exist.
H) All darts must have a single one-piece metal point. No "split-tip" darts are allowed.

All League competition is scheduled for Tuesday night except where noted on the schedule of play.
B) Any match rescheduled through the mutual consent of the involved team Captains MUST be played prior to the Saturday before the next regularly scheduled match. The Area Director MUST approve all rescheduled matches.
C) Starting time for the match is 7:30pm sharp. A match must be underway by 8:00pm or the LATE team will be subject to a 2-point penalty at the discretion of the Area Director/Board of Directors.
D) The MMDL Board of Directors reserves the right to reschedule any match or matches in order to maintain an equitable and efficient competition schedule.

The playing line-up must be completed by both team Captains before 7:30pm and must be completed in the blind. The visiting Captain must submit a complete line-up to the home Captain after the home Captain has completed his/her side of the Match Report. All players' spots must be filled in with a registered player's full name. All 9 registered members of a team can be used in any order in any spot on their team's line-up. No player may be used more than once in each event, i.e., no player may play 2 or more 301 games, 2 or more cricket games or both 601 games.
B) Each match will be structured as follows: (1) 2 games of 601, 3 person teams, double start, double finish and each win will gain 1 match point; (2) 3 games of doubles, abbreviated cricket, no points are required (although points are allowed) and the calling of the number being thrown is not required. Each win will gain 1 match point; (3) 6 individual games of 301, each to be best 2 out of 3 games, double start, double finish. The player who wins 2 games will gain 1 match point.
C) The highest recognized division (eg,Super A, or if no Super A in any division, A) will play a best 2 out of 3 in doubles (abbreviated cricket) during the regular season and playoffs The doubles team who wins 2 games will gain 1 match point. The loser of the first game shoots first for cork in the second game. If a third game is necessary, the loser of the second game will call the coin toss. The winner of the coin toss has the choice of throwing first or second for the cork. The player closest to the cork starts the third game.
D) ORDER OF PLAY - (1) 601 - The visiting team starts the first 601 game and the home team starts the second 601 game. (2) Cricket - At the start of each cricket game, one person from each team will throw for cork. The closest to the cork starts the game. The visiting team throws first for cork in the first and third games; the home team throws first for cork in the second game. (3) 301 - The visiting team starts the first, third and fifth 301 games. The home team starts the second, fourth and sixth 301 games. In each 301 game, the loser of the first game starts the second game. If a third game is
necessary, the loser of the second game will call the coin toss. The winner of the coin toss has the choice of throwing first or second for cork. The player closest to the cork starts the third game. (4) The submitted line-up will be the playing order of the match. Each of the games in each event will be played by the players in the order that their names were submitted on the line-up.
E) THROWING FOR CORK - A throw for cork is valid if the dart remains anywhere in the dartboard. A single or double cork may be pulled from the dartboard when recognized by the second shooter. Darts will be rethrown in reverse order if (1) the second dart knocks out the first dart from the dartboard, (2) both darts are in the single cork, (3) both darts are in the double cork, (4) the scorekeeper is unable to determine which dart is closest to the cork. A DOUBLE CORK BEATS A SINGLE CORK!!!!
F) SUBSTITUTION - If a posted player is not present for his/her turn to play, one of the team's registered players can play in the absent player's place provided that the substitute is not being used in the same event. Once the substitution has been made, the original player will be ineligible to play in that event. If no substitute has been made and the original player on the match line-up arrives to play, he/she may step in and play at his/her regular turn in the rotation without warm-ups.
G) A match is deemed legal with a minimum of 2 players per team. A match can start without a full team in attendance. When a scheduled player is not there to play his/her 301 game, that particular game point will be awarded to the opposition in attendance. If scheduled players are absent from both teams, no points for the game will be awarded to either team.
H) In the team events (601 & cricket), the team with fewer player(s) will lose a turn in rotation for each absent player in that game, e.g., a 2 person team playing against a 3 person team would have only 2 turns for every 3 turns the opponents have. The cricket games would have the shorthanded team throw once to the full team's twice.
I) The home team has the prerogative of choosing the board on which the match is to be played if there is more than one board in the Pub and provided that the board and set-up meet the requirements set forth in Article I of these rules.
J) No later than 30 minutes prior to the time competition is scheduled to begin, the game board shall be cleared of play by the management. The board will then be declared open and will be available for player warm-up. All warm-up activities must be completed by 7:30pm. IMPORTANT: After the warm-up session, each player is allowed only 4 rounds (12 darts) for practice before each match.
K) The Captains are responsible for the smooth running of each match.
L) The Captains must settle any disputes that arise during the course of play in private conference only.
M) In 601 and 301, when a double is thrown that ends the game, the game is over regardless of subsequent throws.

All teams in the playoffs must call their Area Director to be certain they are playing the correct team. Week #14 match results are not always complete. If a team's score is not reported on the week #14 Match Report, it is the Captain's responsibility to call his/her Area Director immediately.
B) The team to reach 12 points in each playoff round advances and has the responsibility of calling their results to the Area Director by 12 noon the following day.
C) In the event of a playoff tie (11-11), the visiting team will call the coin toss. The winner of the coin toss will begin the first tiebreaker game (alternating format thereafter). The playoff tiebreaker will be structured as follows; (1) one game 3 person 601, double start, double finish; (2) one game doubles cricket; and (3) one game singles 301, double start, double finish, best 2 out of 3 games. The first team to win 2 of these 3 tiebreaker games advances.
D) Playoff matches must be played on Tuesday and Thursday nights (home and home) unless different
nights are agreed to by both Captains and approved by their Area Director. All matches are scheduled to start at 7:30pm.
E) Super A teams will refer to ARTICLE III section C of the MMDL Rules and Regulations.

A team shall consist of no more than 9 players. All current players must be registered and in good standing with the MMDL. All players must be at least 21 years of age.
B) All team rosters must be submitted at the first Captain's Meeting and will have a minimum of 7 players. Any changes to a team's roster may be made during the season once a team falls to 6 or fewer active players. Once a team falls to 6 or fewer active players, the Captain may request the Area Director's approval to add additional players to bring the roster back to a total of 7 players. The new player(s) cannot have played for another team in the current season and must be of a similar caliber as the other players in that


division. The player(s) removed from the roster will not be eligible to play for any team for the remainder of that season.
D) A team Captain has the right to request of the opposing Captain positive identification of any player(s) of that team. Any player(s) who do not comply with the identification request will not be allowed to continue playing.
E) No player may play in more than one area or on more than one team during any one season. A player may change areas from season to season, but may not play in two (2) or more areas during one season.
F) If the Franchised Pub or Club owner does not want to field a team any longer, the team may move its rostered players to another Pub or Club to finish the season with the approval of the Area Director.
G) A registered, sponsored team is obligated to the Franchised Pub or Club for the duration of that season. In the event a team wishes to move or relocate during the season, that team is responsible for compensating the Franchised Pub or Club accordingly. Any team that wishes to relocate and has satisfied any and all conditions may do so with the Area Director's approval.

The use of an unregistered player(s) in any match will result in the following penalties: (1) the offending team will lose 2 points for using an unregistered player(s), (2) the offending team will lose 1 point for every game the unregistered player(s) participated in, (3) any game won by the unregistered player(s) will be awarded to the opposing team, and (4) the immediate suspension of the offending team's Captain at the discretion of the Area Director.
B) Use of an unregistered player(s) in the playoffs will result in the immediate expulsion of the offending team. The illegal player(s) and the entire team will be suspended for one year of play (two seasons) in the MMDL.
C) Should an unregistered player(s) be discovered after the first (or any subsequent) round of the playoffs and the team in question has won that round, the losing team will advance to the next round of the playoffs.
D) Should an unregistered player(s) not be discovered until after the playoffs/finals, the runner-up shall be declared the MMDL playoffs/finals champion.
E) A point (or points) will be deducted from both teams if the Match Report is not filled out correctly and completely.
F) A point will be deducted from the home team for a Match Report that is received late.
G) Any team that does not show for a scheduled match will be penalized at the discretion of the Area Director.

The Captain of each team is responsible for providing a scorer for each match. The option of scoring by the players themselves during the match can be exercised.
B) The home team is responsible for providing a "score-recorder" who will attend to the match's entries on the Match Report. The visiting team is responsible for having someone check the Match Report entries as they are made to verify that information and names are correct. Entries must be made as they occur. A signed Match Report that is received by the MMDL will remain as received for record purposes.
C) The scorekeeper must acknowledge the player's score for each turn prior to the player taking his/her thrown darts from the dartboard. For a dart to score it must remain in the board until the score has been called and acknowledged. A player must not touch or move his/her darts while they are in the board until his/her score is acknowledged by the scorekeeper. Touching the darts before scorekeeper's acknowledgement will result in the disqualification of that throw or turn. The Scorekeeper is not allowed to touch "Live" darts for any reason during match play.
D) A player must have both feet behind the toe line/oche for each throw. If he/she has one or both feet over the toe line/oche, the violating player should be warned upon completion of his/her turn by the opposing Captain. Repeated violations will result in his/her throw being invalid.
E) Any changes made to correct mistakes in scoring or calling must be made before the next turn of the player or team whose score is incorrect. Should a mistake not be noticed and corrected, the number that is thrown for is the number that stands (obvious mistakes such as deducting 50 from 601 and having a total of 351 left can be corrected at anytime during the match as these are inadvertent mistakes which sometimes go unobserved for many turns).
F) If a player throws out of turn, the opposing team has the option of having the round rethrown or allowing the round to stand as thrown.
G) The scorekeeper can only tell a player how much is left and/or what has been scored with the darts thrown. The scorekeeper cannot tell the shooter what to throw at.
H) It is the player's responsibility to know his/her own score. If the scorekeeper inadvertently tells the player the incorrect score, the score thrown stands.
J) All scoring in the 301 and 601 games should show the score for each turn and the remaining score. The use of Electronic Scoreboards is NOT RECOMMENDED unless a written score is kept by the Captains or teammates at the same time the games are being played.
K) A scorekeeper shall face the scoreboard, remaining still as not to disturb the shooter in any way, until all three darts are thrown.
L) Any player(s) who deem a scorekeeper incompetent may request another scorekeeper without explanation and/or recourse.

The Captain of any team may file a protest with the Area Director for perceived violations of MMDL rules and regulations or behavior deemed to be detrimental to the League. Whenever possible, the protested match should continue until its conclusion. The protest must be filed with the MMDL in writing within 24 hours of the conclusion of the match in question. The protest must be on a separate standard size sheet of paper. Protests should be mailed to the Area Director, not sent in with the Match Report.

Heckling or other harassment is strictly forbidden. It is the home team's responsibility to maintain the best of order during League play.
B) The repeated use of foul or insulting language shall be considered just cause for the penalizing of the offender and his/her team by the Area Director and/or the MMDL Board of Directors.
C) Any acts of physical violence or property damage should be reported to local police departments and the Area Director.
D) Talking by members of the opposing team, within earshot of the shooter, about the current game or match, or any other subject, for the express purpose of distracting the shooter is not only impolite but poor sportsmanship and could result in a penalty to the offending team.
E) Any acts of violence will not be tolerated for any reason!

B) A team that does not show or refuses to show for a scheduled or rescheduled match will be removed from play for a period of one year (2 seasons).
C) Points won and lost by this team during the current playing season will be adjusted within the division to maintain a fair and equitable playoff schedule.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to settle any disputes in accordance with the facts presented in the individual cases in question.

Approved - July 19, 1978
Revised - July 1980
Revised - Sept 1982
Revised - Dec 1983
Revised - Sept 1986
Revised - Jan 1990
Revised - Sept 1994
Revised - Nov 2004
Revised - Dec 2008


1974-75 Paul Hong
1976-77 William Batty
1977-79 Harvey Sankey
1979-81 Don Skane
1981-83 Dick Brolin
1983-85 Mark Ingoldsby
1985-89 Dick Brolin
1989-91 John Bullock
1991-98 Gerry Cullen
1998 - 99 Tom Sammarco
1999 - 01 Bob Cedrone
2001 - 03 Steve Parker
2003 - 05 Tom Sammarco
2005 - 07 Dick Brolin
2008 - Present Nicole Watson

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